The college has an active alumni association. The office bearers are elected for a three- year term in the annual general body meeting. The alumni, wherever they are in the varied walks of life, leave no chance to keep in touch with their alma mater. They meet on the second Saturday of January every year to share their nostalgic experiences and feelings. They co-ordinate an array of activities which include: welfare schemes,

scholarships, schemes to support disadvantaged students, medical assistance to students, sent off gathering to teaching and non teaching staff members. They organize a series of lectures by eminent personalities and intercollegiate debate competition in memory of the proud alumnus, late Adv. V Vinod Kumar. The Alumni Association extends financial support to the infrastructure development of the college. The UAE chapter has extended financial support for the furnishing and electrical work including instaling AC units in Fr. Punnappadom seminar hall and renovation of the motor bike shed. Brunai chapter sponsored all employment news, journals and Kerala Gazette to the career guidance cell. Department wise alumni meetings are held separately and contribute to the well being of the college. Batch wise gatherings are also held in and outside the college to reminisce the fond memories of the college. The principal visited various Alumni chapters abroad and shared with them the institution’s rich traditions and commitment in the field of education and future dreams. Feedbacks and suggestions by the alumni have helped the college to concretize the commencing of vocational courses, finishing school, placement cell and communication skill programmes. The institution is proud to have a galaxy of its illustrious alumni holding covetous positions all over the world which reflects the realization of the vision and mission put forth by the institution. The Parent Teacher Association and Alumni also support the various activities in the college and implement the decisions taken by the staff council. They support the construction works in the campus like the stress work, rain water harvesting and motor bike shed. The alumni too, give financial support for providing noon-meal to the needy students, and economically poor children of the neighbourhood.

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