Digital Library

Dspace is installed from 2014march 27th onwards .Digitisation process is going on. Hope to finish by the end of 2014.

Besides, INFLIBNET and N List facilities help the students and faculty to augment their knowledge by net searching and downloading necessary learning resources from e-books and journals (3000 electronic journals, 7000 electronic books and bibliographic data base called MathSciNet). The newspaper clipping service high lights the information of academic importance from the regional and national dailies. As the hub centre of learning, the library supports and accelerates teaching learning process. The students and faculty utilizes the library to the optimum level and update their knowledge.

Internet and online services are made available in each department and INFLIBNET services in the library. The facility for taking print out is also available in the library.

Email: issac.tijo@gmail.com
Tel: +919446286390

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