Electronics Equipment Maintenance

The department of Electronics Equipment Maintenance (EEM) was established in 2001. It was a UGC sponsored program for the first five years and was later taken up by the management as a self-financing course. The academic program offered by the department is a vocational course. It is a Model III B.Sc course and has physics and electronics as core papers & mathematics and computer science as complimentary course. The department also conducts an open course on computer hardware and networking.

The collaborative efforts of the excellent faculty and the enthusiastic students have always brought laurels to the college by securing top ranks in university exams. The department also honours the rank holders every year. Active participation of students in sports, eco-friendly activities, extension activities along with charity works makes the department unique in its functioning. The extension activity of providing technical help to houses in the neighbourhoodbeside college is one of its kind. The department also brought out an annual newsletter called ELECTRO VOGUE with the help of former students during the academic year 2014-2015.


Well-functioning and well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.
On the job training (OJT) to students to give hands on industrial experience to enhance their productivity.
Projects developed by final year students are added to the department infrastructure.
Special lectures, seminars, workshops and training programs are also conducted by the department to enhance the performance and productivity of students.

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