College Emblem & Motto

The Landscape

The top left segment of the emblem depicts the landscape of Kuttanad where the college is situated. St. Aloysius' College is the only centre of higher education in Kuttanad.

The Book

The open Book on the right segment stands for the book of knowledge from which generations of students have imbibed the wealth of knowledge to mould their lives as worthy citizens of the land. The beam of light that falls on the book signifies that true knowledge comes from God.

The Lighted Lamp:

The lighted lamp symbolizes the light of wisdom which dispels the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy and illuminates the students' mind with wisdom.


The Sanskrit saying at the foot of the emblem: " Let thy divine light shine miraculously" reminds the students of their role to be beacons of light in the society as they have received enlightenment from this centre of higher learning.

Are Social


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