Internet Services

Students and faculty access computer and internet in the various departments, net resource centre and the library. INFLIBNET is also made available in the library. The net resources centre has eight computers with LAN facility and the computer lab has 25 computers. The departments are provided with net connectivity, LCD projectors and printers. The library has INFLIBNET N-List subscription which helps e-reading of volumes inside and outside the campus.

Majority of the students who secure admission in recent years have proper working knowledge in computer operations. At the entry level an assessment is conducted regarding computer knowledge and those found lacking sufficient computer knowledge are identified and steps are taken to motivate them to acquire enough computer practice of their own. The institution organised three-day workshops on ‘informatics both for students and faculty. The college offers two computers based undergraduate programmes viz., B.Com Computer and B.Sc. EEM. A computer lab functions in the college for the benefit of the said courses. The Smart room with all ICT facilities is .already functioning in the college. Undergraduate programmes stipulate some of the experiments to use spreadsheet for doing calculations and preparing charts and graphs. Computers are made available in all the departments which can be accessed by all the students for doing their practical works. Every year steps are taken to upgrade the Infrastructure and associated facilities on the recommendation of IQAC. Besides the UGC fund, the management mobilizes its possible resources and provides adequate fund and technical assistance for the development and up gradation of the ICT.

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