Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

IQAC in the college was established on 01.06.2000. The institutional quality policy reflects quality management structure, strategies and processes that would enhance academic quality of the institution as desired by faculty, students, alumni and other stakeholders in line with the vision, mission and goals of the institution. It consists of 18 members and meet frequently to propose and implement academic, value added, skill oriented, staff development, mentoring, cocurricular, extension and enrichment programmes.

IQAC also organizes seminars / conferences / workshops. IQAC is instrumental in ensuring quality in every aspect of the working of the institution. The IQAC requests the governing body to fix minimum percentage of mark for admission, avail necessary learning resources for effective teaching and learning, ICT and infrastructure facilities, apply for UG and PG programmes and evolve additional enrichment modules. The IQAC also frames programmes for innovative and effective teaching-learning methods, value education programmes, evaluation and result analysis. It discusses the teacher self-appraisals, performance of students and various community services.

The IQAC has four external members – the Bursar, two local representatives and the vice president of PTA. The two local representatives are former students and they represent the Alumni also. The Quality Advisory Committee (QAC) has external members who are eminent academicians and social activists who contribute a lot in the enhancement of quality in the institution.

The IQAC gathers suggestions from the faculty members, departments, supporting staff, students and various committees. It meets before every staff meeting and places its suggestions, plans and programmes to ensure quality in teaching-learning process to the staff council. The staff council decides and implements the suggestions and programmes. The principal summons staff meeting of all the faculty members and briefs the members on the decisions of the staff council. The IQAC carries out internal academic audit and evaluates action plan of each and every faculty member and departments. The report is placed before the staff council.

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