Scholarships,Prizes and Endowments Instituted in The College

Name of the Award & Awardee Capital Amount
Rev.Fr.Zacharias Punnappadom Memorial Gold Medal Best UG student of the College based on overall performance Rs.2000/- /-
Dr.P.T.Joseph Gold Medal Highest marks in Degree Rs.1000/-/-
Dr.P.T.Joseph Prize Highest marks in PartI English Rs.1000/-
Dr.P.T.Joseph Scholarship(instituted by Staff Association) Highest marks for M.Com.Exam Rs.500/-
PTA Proficiency Prize Based on overall performance in IDC,IIDC and IPG classes Rs.25000/-
Sri.PR.Krishna Pillai Memorial Scholarship Highest marks in Zoology Rs.1838/-
Cheriyil Lekshmiamma Assan Scholarship Highest marks in PartII Malayalam Rs.1000/-
Cheriyil Assan Scholarship Highest marks in PartII Hindi Rs.1000/-
Prof.Annamma Joseph Memorial Endowment Highest marks in PartII Hindi Rs.6658/-
Sri.Kurian Varkey Prize Highest marks for B.Sc Physics Rs.1800/-
Prof.George.C.Kattampally Scholarship (Instituted by Dept.of Physics) Highest marks in B.Sc.Physics Rs.3000/-
Rev.Fr.Gregory Paruvaparampil Scholarship Best student who is financially backward at the entry level of M.Sc Physics Rs.5000/-
Rev.Fr.Gregory Paruvaparampil Endowment Best student of II M.Sc.Physics on overall performance Rs.5000/-
Rev.Fr.Gregory Paruvaparampil Scholarship (Instituted by phy.dept) Highest marks for B.Sc Chemistry Rs.5000/-
Dr.t.j.Varkey Thottuvelil Cash Award Highest marks for B.Sc Chemistry Rs.10000/-
Sibi Memorial Scholarship Highest marks for B.Sc.Maths Rs.5000/-
Prof.Abdul Lathif Scholarship(Instituted by Dept.of Maths) Highest marks for M.Sc Maths Rs.4000/-
Freedom Fighter Peedikayil Valia Kuttappan Endowment Highest marks for B.A.Economics Rs.10000/-
Seetha P.Memorial Endowment Highest marks for B.A.Economics Rs.10000/-
Prof.K.J.Joseph Kalapurackal Prize Highest marks in political science Rs.2000/-
Prof.Joseph Cyriac Memorial Medal Highest marks in History Rs.2000/-
Prof.M.K.Joseph Endowment Highest marks in Historical Roots of Modern World Rs.25000/-
Rev.Fr.Cyriac Kottayil Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee Memorial Prize Highest marks for B.Com Rs.2000/-
PTA welfare fund - Poor and needy students Rs.25000/-
Prof.James Sebastian Endowment (Instituted by Dept.of Physics) Highest marks in M.Sc Physics Rs.5000/-
Prof.Rosamma Thomas Endowment The best student who is financially backward at the entry level of B.Sc.Maths Rs.25000/-
Prof.Mathew George Endowment Best outgoing student in B.A.English Rs.13000/-
Prof.Rosamma Luke Endowment Highest marks in B.Sc Mathematics(Main only) Rs.13000/-
Prof.Joy Joseph Endowment Highest marks in statistics(sub)of B.Sc.Mathematics Rs.10000/-
Prof.Thresiamma Thomas Endowment Highest marks in subsidiary Maths of B.Sc(Physics) Rs.10000/-
Prof.K.U.Sachariah Endowment Highest marks in M.Sc.Maths(Semester I & II) Rs.10000/-
Prof.P.V.Joseph Endowment Highest marks in History(sub) of B.A.Economics Rs.5000/-
Prof.Daisy Joseph Endowment Highest marks in Chemistry (Ist & IInd year Rs.10000/-
Prof.Maryamma Joseph Endowment To the top performer in Part-I English B.A.English(Model-II Vocational) Rs.10000/-
Prof.Valsamma P.J.,Endowment Best Performer (Both Men & Women) in the M.G.University Inter Collegiate Aquatic Meet Rs.10000/-
Prof.Thulasiamma G.,Endowment Highest marks in Malayalam(I DC) Rs.10000/-
Prof.George Joseph,Endowment S.S.L.C Topper from among the children of L.G Staff Rs.5000/-
Prof.Annamma P.A.,Endowment Highest marks in B.Sc.Physics Main Rs.10000/-
Sri.Antony D.Memorial Scholarship (Instituted by First Batch of students B.Sc EEM) Highest marks in Bsc.EEM Rs.10000/-
Prof.k.George,Endowment (Highest marks in political science of B.A.Economics) Rs.5000/-
Rev.Dr.Thomas Pothanamuzhi Prize (Best outgoing Arts & Science Degree Students) Rs 25000/-
Prof.Sebastian Joseph Memorial Scholarship (Highest mark in general English) (Prize amount) Instituted by the Dept. of English Rs.1000/-
Endowment instituted by Prof.Aniamma Peter (FD amount) Rs.25000/-
Endowment instituted by Prof.Joseph C.Edward for the student who tops in Zoology V Semester (FD amount) Rs.12000/-
Dr.G.P.Namboothiri Memorial Award for highest mark in Acquaculture(I-IV sem) Rs.1000/-
Smt.K.M Savithri Memorial Award for highest mark in acquaculture (I-II sem) Rs.1000/-

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