Value Education

Aiming at the moral refinement of the student community and instilling of life values in the minds of students, the institution organizes value education classes on 7th and 18th working days of each month. ‘Fragrance of Values’, a text prepared by the faculty members, is prescribed for engaging value education classes. The value tips shared by the principal and students after the daily morning prayer help the stakeholders to imbibe moral values which would vouchsafe a gracious and harmonious life in the society.

The college offered the following certificate courses with the aim of enhancing and enriching the students’ learning experience in the College and to bring about a more holistic approach to acquiring knowledge, learning as well as to cultivating and developing the necessary skills for various vocations and careers.

a) PGDCA (Self Financing): The objective of the course is to give an all round training in Computer Applications sufficient to equip a person with the independent use of computer and its applications. 79 students completed the course in 2008-10 and 58 students in 2009-11.

c)Communication Skills and Employability Techniques: The Department of English conducted a 90 – hour - duration course on ‘Communication Skills and Employability Techniques’. The objective of the course was to improve the communication skills of the participants so as to help them express themselves effectively in English and equip them with skills necessary for various careers. 50 students completed the course in the academic year 2011-12.

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